Salut Kitchen Bar

In March of 2016 I completed a website redesign project for Salut Kitchen Bar in Tempe, Arizona. The project scope involved building a new website for the restaurant, setting up new forms, and enhancing the display of food and drink menu items. The website was built on WordPress with customizations made to the FLAVOUR theme from Themefuse. The project required moving content from an existing website, copy editing, and various CSS/HTML modifications to the theme.

Below are a few screenshots of the website.

Moments after launching this new website, Salut was featured on the PBS restaurant review show, Check Please! with award-winning chef, James Beard.

Below is the video segment of the show which features Salut Kitchen Bar.

I’ve had the pleasure to dine at Salut Kitchen Bar on several occasions and I can definitely recommend. If you live in the Phoenix area or here visiting anytime, do yourself a favor and eat at Salut. The food is unique and delicious! The decor and ambiance is great too. Designing this website surely made my mouth water on several occasions and I can wait to visit again.

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