From November 2011 through September 2013 I was employed (full-time) at eBay Enterprise (an advertising division of eBay through the acquisition of Fetchback, a Tempe, AZ based retargeting startup).

At eBay I served as a Marketing Analyst by title, but was instrumental in all areas of the creative team, marketing and sales.

Work & Responsibilities

  • Supported 45 person sales team with 20,000+ accounts in SFDC and Excel.
  • Marketing campaign strategies resulted in a 75% reduction in customer acquisition costs (cost-per-lead).
  • Tracked sales leads and pipeline and worked directly with CRO to enforce sales processes and systems.
  • Managed social media profiles, designed and executed marketing campaigns.
  • Analyzed, tested, and presented evaluation of marketing automation platforms to executive management.
  • Analyzed, tested, and presented evaluation of social media marketing platforms to executive management.
  • Learned Prezi and Camtasia Studio on the job to help produce marketing videos needed for campaigns.
  • Analyzed and presented Google Analytics and data from internal/external sources.
  • Developed competitive analysis website to support sales and marketing teams.
  • Submitted patent app to eBay Innovator’s Program for UGC mobile ad network.
  • Managed interns with associated data mining and data entry projects.
  • Evangelist and early stage supporter of Bitcoin and digital currencies within eBay/PayPal.

Marketing Campaigns & Content Creation

  • Get Targeted Display For Mother’s Day

  • FetchBack Targeted Display – CRM Targeting

  • FetchBack Targeted Display – eBay Advertising


Social Profile Management

Performance Review

From my supervisor and Director of Marketing, Eric Kingsbury (July 2013):

Ryan did an excellent job creating marketing content for our online lead generation campaigns in 1H 2013. In particular, the product video series he helped produce, the “shopping occasion” (Prezi) videos he developed himself, and leading the development of a holiday infographic. The videos and infographic were among the most shared online assets we have ever produced. He also led the development of emails and landing pages. We were able to generate a good number of inbound leads, and do so at a positive ROI.

Ryan was also great at initiating and managing multiple online campaigns that included email, display, and SEO. He drove site traffic that translated into leads and supported our product launches. I appreciated most his creativity in getting around the constraints we had in terms of budgets and tools. Ryan was able to track most of the results to our marketing campaigns, and he acted creatively to stitch together data from different data sources in these efforts. I especially appreciated his help in closing the loop for each online campaign we ran by summarizing results and learnings. For the web and social media, he found the right tools to do the job and was diligent in monitoring and reporting our results.

I enjoyed my time at eBay, the work environment was great, I made many new friends and professional connections, and the work was challenging, interesting, and lucrative. However, my calling at the time (September 2013) was to leave eBay and become a full-time entrepreneur with my own startup business, Bitcorati.com.