Bitcorati – We are the lucky ones promo video from September 2013. (co-created by Ryan Charleston and Taylor Shumway from

Business Summary (Bitcorati, Inc.) was a business idea I began working on in late 2012 and later pursued as a full-time venture 1 year later. The name was inspired from the word literati and the website A full featured website for the company was launched in January 2014. The concept initially started out as “The Yelp for Bitcoin” – a bitcoin directory with reviews and ratings on bitcoin merchants and business around the world, but later transitioned into being a ratings agency and business intelligence platform for bitcoin businesses.

Here’s the original Bitcorati pitch deck from July 2013 which seem to go through an iteration every month and was eventually reduced to about 10 slides which it should be. Read “How to pitch to investors” by Paul Graham for insights on startup pitch decks!


Unfortunately my cofounder and CTO was unable to continue with the business for personal reasons unrelated to me or the business. This led to difficulties securing a pending round of angel funding which was required to continue with the business. The business was later sold to a group of talented guys with a new vision for the concept.

As an early adopter and investor in Bitcoin I was the cofounder and CMO; responsible for establishing the corporate entity, research and strategic planning, developing and distributing marketing content, and spearheading all business development efforts.

As a part of the business and it’s initiatives I conducted extensive research and analysis on Bitcoin and blockchains, built a directory database, website, and experimented with Bitcoin products and services including wallets, exchanges, and merchant systems.

Other responsibilities included managing and collaborating with designers, developers, and engineers, and talented people from around the world.


Business Highlights

  • Foresight lead to earning more than 1,000% ROI on strategic investments in Bitcoin (September 2012 – September 2013).
  • Published a blog post that reach the #1 trending spot on Hacker News (October 2013), resulting in 35,000+ unique visitors to
  • Successfully sold business for a profit in August 2014.
  • Integral in helping promote and increase user adoption and investment into Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.
  • Attracted global media exposure from 6 industry channels.
    • LetsTalkBitcoin Episode 34 (Aug 2013) – Interview with Stephanie Murphy from Inside Bitcoins, New York.
    • CoinTalk Episode 10 (Dec 2013) – Interview (video) from Inside Bitcoins @ MGM, Las Vegas.
    • Bitcoin Magazine (Mar 2014) – Full page print and online article
    • Newfination Live (Mar 2014) – Google Hangout Interview (video) with Donald McIntyre.
    • Money & Tech (April 2014) – Interview (video) with Perianne Boring at Inside Bitcoins, New York.
    • Elite Daily (April 2014) – Interview (video) for “The Ultimate Millennial Cheat Sheet To Understanding The World of Bitcoin” (at 9:09 mark)
  • Attended 6 Bitcoin conferences and was guest speaker in Miami (January 2014) and a panel speaker in New York (April 2014).

  • Produced 2 YouTube video series highlighting Bitcoin thought leadership and entrepreneurs.

Marketing Materials

Below are original screenshots of and my notes on available advertising space as I design it and as it existed in 2014.

I also designed the Bitcorati logo. Below is the original logo used in 2013 and 2014.

In addition to the website and logo I also designed these beautiful Bitcorati business cards!


After selling the business I agreed to help the new owners rebrand the site with a new logo. The following logo has been in use since the beginning of 2015.

I also designed this marketing flyer to as a part of an effort to resell a batch of limited edition, gold and silver, physical Casascius Bitcoins. Honestly, I wish I would have kept at least 1 of these… they are serious collector’s items now and should continue to sell for multiples of their 1 BTC internal value.