Voice : Blockchain Based Social Media

Yes, my days on leading, centralized social networks may be numbered. Why? Today, Block.one (the company behind the creation of the EOS blockchain) unveiled Voice.com. In my opinion, based on what I know so far, I believe Voice will be first blockchain-based social network with a legitimate chance of competing with and eventually replacing major centralized social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Ever since I became involved in blockchains and cryptocurrencies (2012), I’ve felt the development of something like Voice was inevitable. There were many attempts, but nothing like this. Finally, a real challenger! The market for a new social graph is ripe as people grow tired of existing social platforms with annoying ads, bots and privacy issues.


Voice.com, on a blockchain like EOS, presents a new and exciting way to build social networks with a completely different foundation and business model, one that is directly aligned with its users. Voice.com will have built-in crypto-economics via the Voice Token; directly compensating users for the time spent engaging on social media and the content they produce, publish and share. If you provide value to your network on Voice, YOU will be compensated, not advertisers, and not Block.one (the business building Voice.com). As a bonus, users will always be in control of their privacy and data and can engage without fear of censorship.


I expect Voice will be the first mass-market blockchain-based application to attract non-crypto users (a mainstream audience) and be the first blockchain-based decentralized application (dApp) to surpass 1 million users, then 10M, 100M, and 1 billion!

Looking forward to connecting with my EOS family and hope to see my 7K+ LinkedIn connections follow me to this new platform in the coming months and years ahead. Thank you LinkedIn, it was a fun 16 years, but it’s time to move on. The transition won’t be immediate, but there’s a new kid on the block and I’m ready to express my voice!

Official Announcement: https://block.one/news/block-one-introduces-social-media-application-voice/

#B1June Keynote Announcement: https://block.one/june1/

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