Reserve Protocol Beats Libra With a Stable Cryptocurrency for People Who Actually Need One

Reserve Protocol is quietly, but aggressively fulfilling the initial mission of PayPal, while building a more stable, decentralized, and trusted cryptocurrency to rival Libra by Facebook.

By now you’ve probably heard about Libra, a stable cryptocurrency that is being promoted by Facebook and subsidiary, Calibra. And if you’ve been paying attention to world news, you know about the currency crisis in Venezuela. But have you heard about Reserve Protocol and how these two stories are related? Reserve is new blockchain protocol that I believe provides a better solution than Libra as a stable cryptocurrency, while addressing hyperinflation in Venezuela and other countries with similar economic conditions.

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Good Money : A Better Bank Built On The Blockchain

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Facebook’s Libra Signals the Beginning of Mass Adoption Phase for Crypto

Facebook building its own blockchain and cryptocurrency (Libra) is the final wake up call to anyone still skeptical about the future of digital currency and the trend towards decentralization. This is one of many market signals in 2019 that marks the beginning of mass-awareness and mass-adoption of crypto, which will lead to demand for crypto and massive increases in cryptocurrencies prices across the board. Yes, the booms and busts form 2011 – 2018 were only a precursor to something much bigger on its way.

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Voice : Blockchain Based Social Media

Yes, my days on leading, centralized social networks may be numbered. Why? Today, (the company behind the creation of the EOS blockchain) unveiled In my opinion, based on what I know so far, I believe Voice will be first blockchain-based social network with a legitimate chance of competing with and eventually replacing major centralized social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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You’re Doing it Wrong : How to Value ICO Market Caps, Blockchains and Tokens

Several factors should be considered when assessing blockchain network values, ICO market caps and token prices. Price alone is just a number!

Just because a coin trades for $0.01 doesn’t automatically make it a better deal than one trading for $10. Nor is a $65M ICO raise automatically “high” or “low”. There’s more to these numbers than meets the eye.

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The 6-Pack Marketing Framework

Just like well-conditioned abs in the shape of a 6-pack, building a rock-solid marketing strategy and managing your marketing team starts with getting organized and staying focused. Over the past few years I’ve developed an organizational framework and system which I use to build marketing plans and strategies. It can apply to large businesses as well as startups.

This framework is based off my own experience building and marketing 6 startup companies, from my experience at eBay as a marketing analyst, and from my work as a marketing director at two consulting firms over the past 5 years. This framework is an outline for the 6 key components of marketing which I found to be the foundation for an effective marketing plan. I find that working and thinking through these 6 components in their given order works best.

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