Ryan Charleston : Bio

Personal Life

I’m a progressive, obsessively organized, health-conscious vegan, techno-hippie and burner who values freedom and independence, technological innovation, human progress, digital art and creative expression. I love my family and friends and cherish the gift of life, and all living systems and animals. I live with a deep appreciation and respect for science, nature and the environment. I’m not religious, but I do believe a higher power or force exists in our universe, one that is both mysterious and beautiful without question. My spiritual mindset is rooted in the sciences and sacred geometry and the knowledge we acquire about ourselves as humans explore deeper into outer and inner space.

Born and raised in Southern California, I’ve lived in Arizona since 2003 and absolutely love the sun, warm weather and being around bodies of water. I enjoy hiking, baseball, soccer, gym workouts, swimming, dancing and yoga. Admittedly goofy, quite humorous and witty at times, I love comedy, documentaries and sci-fi movies. I have a passion for all that intersects art and technology and a love for electronic music that has inspired me since I was a child of the 80’s. I love traveling, music and art festivals, cooking and eating healthy vegan meals. I embrace solitude and enjoy engaging in deep thought and conversations about the future, technology, science and philosophy.


Professional Life

I’m a jack of all trades, ideas guy, and tech geek with 20 years of experience across multiple industries including blockchain, fintech, adtech, ecommerce, real estate and architecture. Since 2013 I’ve been mostly involved in the blockchain space as a digital marketing and sales professional, startup entrepreneur and investor. I take pride in my unique blend of technical and creative talents and love making an impact with my work at the intersection of art and technology. I have a passion for innovation and creative uses of technology and always seeking ways to drive efficiencies, growth and progress and offer value wherever I go.

Currently I’m the founder and CEO of blockchain analytics startup, DataBlock and owner of SalesEnabler.pro, a consulting firm helping small businesses set up and optimize sales and marketing processes via Pipedrive CRM. Since 2012, I’ve been a blockchain entrepreneur and investor, crypto trader and supporter of decentralized applications. In late 2018 I helped launch Arizona’s 1st blockchain startup incubator, Polyient Labs, as a business development and marketing director. Previously, I managed social media marketing, automation, analytics and CRM initiatives at blockchain startup, Sweetbridge. Before Sweetbridge, I worked as a product marketing manager at Omniex, a digital display and kiosk company serving the hotel, travel and tourism industry.

Prior to Omniex, I worked on several freelance WordPress web design and development projects. In 2013 I launched Bitcorati.com, a blockchain startup focused on content marketing, thought leadership and community development (sold in 2014). Before Bitcorati I built and sold native advertising website, Adpressive.com. Overlapping my efforts with Bitcorati and Adpressive I was a full-time marketing analyst at eBay Enterprise. Earlier in my career I held senior analyst positions in commercial real estate and CAD engineering positions in commercial architecture. Throughout my career, I’ve been detail-oriented and obsessively organized with a history of developing innovative ideas and solving problems that deliver value.



Ikigai is a concept I believe in and one which I try to base my life and actions around. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates into “the happiness of always being busy”- it is ones "reason for being." As shown in the Venn diagram on this page, this “existential fuel” of Ikigai lies at the intersection of what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs (more of). Ikigai is unique for everyone and can change over the course of one’s life.

As for me, I love my family and friends, life, living systems, animals, nature and the environment. I’m a champion of freedom and independence, artistic and creative expression, creative thinking and problem solving. I’m good at spotting trends and coming up with new and innovative ideas. I’m a strategist, planner, and highly organized and efficient. I’m also good at visual and written communication, marketing and branding, research and analysis. Ultimately, I think the world needs more empathy, love, hope, trust, balance and application of knowledge. Typically, I get paid for doing a combination of technical and creative work related to sales and marketing efforts, managing processes and laying out the strategy and plans for growth.

My Ikigai or “reason for being” is rooted in a passion for artistic and creative expression, thinking creatively and problem solving, learning and spreading knowledge about innovative technologies driving human progress. I conduct research and analysis and communicate through written and visual formats, in strategic and organized ways, while leveraging vocational experience in marketing, sales and analytics.